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Floatless Relay

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Front View-LAFS-GPRelay ApplicationFloatless Relays-LAF Series
Classification Floatless Relay
Dimension(mm) 61.0H * 49.0W * 70.0L 50.0H * 40.0W * 58.0L
Socket Type PF083A PF085A
Using Mode General AFR-1 AFS-GP
High Sensing AFR-1H  
Long Distance AFR-1L  
Low Density AFR-1S  
Two Lines AFR-1R  
Rated Voltage AC:110V, 220V, 240V  50/60Hz
Indicator Operating Two LED's Use For Two Status
Operate Voltage 85~110% Of Rated Voltage
Electrode Voltage 8VAC(Except Highsensing 24VAC)
Operate Resistance 4KΩmin(general)
Release Resistance 15KΩmin(general)
Response Time Operate: 80ms max,Release: 160ms max.
Contact Capacity 5A, 250VAC(resistiveload)
Length Of Cable 1KM max.(general)
Service Life Mechanical 5*106 times
Electrical 105 times
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ DC 500V Min.
Dielectric Strength 1500VAC, 50/60Hz, For 1 Minute
Power Consumpting 3.2VA
Ambient Temperature -10~+55 °C
Ambient Humidity 48~85%RH
Weight 200g


Floatless Relay-LAF Installation Dimensions and Connecting Diagram