Front Main-24VDC-LJQX-13F-2Z
Miniature Power Relay LJQX-13F-2Z
Side View-220VAC-LJQX-13F-2Z
Bottom View-Pins-LJQX-13F-2Z

Miniature Power Relay LJQX-13F-2Z

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Front View-24VDC-LJQX-13F-2ZRelay ApplicationLJQX-13F Series
Model LJQX-13F-2Z LJQX-13F-3Z LJQX-13F-4Z
Dimention(mm) 27.3*21*35.2 30.8*27.3*35.2 41*27.3*35.2
Contact Form 2Z 2H 2D 3Z 3H 3D 4Z 4H 4D
Contact Material Silver Alloy
Resistance Performance Of Contactor Capacity 10A/28VDC 10A/240VAC
Coil Power at 23°C DC(W) 1Z 2Z≤0.9W, 3Z≤1.5W, 4Z≤1.6W
AC(VA) 1Z 2Z≤1.2VA, 3Z≤2VA, 4Z≤2.5VA
Coil Voltage DC(V) 6~220V
AC(V) 6~380V
Pick-up Voltage at 23°C  DC≤75%  AC≤80%
Drop-out Voltage at 23°C   DC≥10%  AC≥30%
Max Voltage at 23°C 110%
Contact Resistance(at 6VDC 1A) ≤100mΩ
Dielectric Strength Between Open Contacts ≥1200VAC 50Hz/1min Leakage Current 1mA
Contacts Pieces ≥1500VAC 50Hz/1min Leakage Current 1mA
Between Coil & Contacts ≥1500VAC 50Hz/1min Leakage Current 1mA
Insulation Resistance(MΩ) at 500VDC ≥500MΩ
Service Life Electrical 105 Times(Frequency:On 1 Time/1S,Off Time/1S)
Mechanical 106 Times(Frequency:300 Times/1min)
Ambient Temperature -25°C ~ +55°C
Teminal Type Insert Type, Welding Type
Suitable Socket LPTF08A LPTF11A LPTF14A
Product Weight 40g 50g 60g
Same Reference HH62P, LY2 HH63P, LY3 HH64P, LY4

LJQX-13F Series Installation Dimension and Connecting Diagram