Front View-LHC15A
Top View-Cover Opened-LHC15A
Front-Cover Opened and Closed-LHC15A
Back View-Din Rail Mounting-LHC15A

35mm Din Rail Mounted Digital Time Switch

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Front View-LHC15ATime Switch Application Scene

Type LHC15A
Working Voltage 100,110,115,120,127VAC 220,230,240VAC 12,24,36VDC
Resistance Load Switch Capacity 25A 16A 25A
Power Consumption <1W <2W <1W
Voltage Range 85~110%
Power Source Frequency 50/60HZ
Power Reserve Time 5 Years
Control Electrical Life 100000 Times
Mechanical Life 10000000 Times
Display LCD
Setting Switch 16 Times Open And 16 Times Off
Timing Control Range 1 min- 168 hours
Average Error <±0.5s/24h,25℃
Mini Interval 1 min
Temperature -25℃~ +60℃
Relative Humidity <95%
Weight 115g
Dimensions 87*36*65mm
Installation Din Rail 35mm & Panel
Shell Material PC Material, Proof Flame