Digital Time Relay LD48S-MR 2Z

Digital Time Relay LD48S-MR 2Z

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Relay ApplicationLD48S Series

Class MultiplexType Preset Time Limit Relay
Type LD48S LD48S-MR LD48S-2 LD48S-3
Delay Base 1Ms  0.01Sec  1Sec  1Min  1HR  1Min/Sec  1HR/Min
Delay Range 1-9999 Times Base 1-99 Times Base 1-999 Times Base
Function Characteristic 4 bits dial code preset,
without panel reset function
2 bits dial code preset,
without panel reset function
3 bits dial code preset,
without panel reset function
Contact Capacity 1Z after the type denotes 1 group of relay output, 1+3 denotes reset, 1+4 denotes pause;
2Z after the type denotes 2 groups of relays output, contact capacity is impedance load, max 5A/250VAC or 5A/28VDC
Display Mode 2, 3 or 4 bits of 0.36 character height LED display with high bright, decimal point automatically shifts
according to the set delay base, at the same time, it is used as sec,flash working indicator light
Rated Working Voltage 85~265VAC/DC input free, other voltage upon request
Accuracy Voltage affects error, repetitive error less than ± 50 PPM and preset error is 0
Signal Input Reset and pause signal input is contact or NPN (emitter to common terminal 1),
adopting photoelectric coupling solation, signal width should not less than 0.02 Sec
Special Function All types are power on delay mode, power cut memory type (type with E, as LD48SE),
delay down mode (type with Y, as LD48SY) and instantaneous release type (type with C, as LD48SC) can be selected,
or choose two types of functions in it (type with attach, as LD48SEY is power cut memory delay down mode)
Installation And Base Exposed Type P2CF-08
Embedded Type Y-50& US-08 or Y-50& P3G-08
Power Consumption ≤4.5VA
Operating Enviroment Ambient Temperature: -10~+55 °C (nonfreezing) Ambient Humidity: 35~85%RH
Noisy Immunity AC2kV(between operating power terminals) or DC ± 500V, 
time accumulator works normally under sisturbance of 1uS impulse width
Service Life Mechanical life: 5*106 times, electric life: 1*106 times
Weight About 103g

Outline, Connecting Diagram And Tapping Size-LD48S