Multiple Heads Green/Red Pushbutton Ø22 1NO+1NC

Multiple Heads Green/Red Pushbutton Ø22 1NO+1NC

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Push Button Application Scene

Product LA02-22D Push Button
Operating Environment Temperature -25~+55℃(No Freezing)
Humidity 45~85%RH(No Condensation)
Contacts Material Silver Alloy
Contact Resistance ≤50mΩ
Insulation Resistance ≥100mΩ
Dielectric Strength 3000V, Alternating Current 50Hz
Vibration Resistance 50Hz, Amplitude 1.0mmp-p
Shock Resisitance ≥10g
Life Mechanical Momentary Type: ≥1,000,000 times
Selector Type: ≥500,000 times
Key-lock Type, Emergency Type: ≥200,000 times
Electrical ≥50,000 Times
Terminal Thread connection, diameter of welded wire:
2*1.5mm Max
Connecting link: 6.3*0.8mm
Operating Force 800gf~2200gf
Operating Distance A, B, C Type: About 5.5mm(button)
K Type: about 3.8mm(button)


Switch Ratings
Rated Insulation Voltage Ui: 500V
Thermal Current Ith: 10A
Rated Voltage 24V 48V 110V 220V 380V 500V
50/60 Hz
AC-12 10A - 10A 6A - -
AC-15 10A - 6A 3A 1.8A 1.4A
DC DC-12 8A 4A 2.2A 1.1A - -
DC-13 4A 2A 1.1A 0.6A - -
Installation Dimension
Type A B C Remarks
Normal φ22.5 or
φ25.5 or
≥50 ≥35 Unit: mm
B and C are minimum dimensions.
Mushroom ≥42
Big Mushroom ≥70 ≥70